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Refractory Raw Materials

Dense Corundum

Dense corundum is a new type of high purity refractory material, which is fused by high purity alumina and reducing...


Tabular Corundum

Tabular corundum is named because its crystal structure is tabular α-Al2O3. It is formed by sintering industrial al...


Chrome Corundum

Chrome corundum is an α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution formed by melting industrial alumina powder, chromium oxide powd...


Alumina Powder / α-Alumina Micropowder

Alumina powder Alumina powder is alumina Al2O3 solid powder, usually processed for α-al2o3 alumina powder, β-al2o3 ...



Bauxite can be divided into three categories: bauxite raw material, light-burned bauxite, and bauxite clinker. Depe...

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